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The History of Asian African


The Museum of Asian African Conference (held in 1955). Located on Jalan Asia Afrika Bandung. Designed by CPW Schomaaker & Van Gallen Last who were rebuilt this building in 1921 as Societeit Concordia. Located on Jalan Asia Afrika Bandung.

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The sun always shine : Dezon NV


Dezon a.k.a Bandung Promotion Center. The building is located on Jalan Asia Afrika which previously was a famous super store at that time. Nowadays is use by local merchandiser who sell clothing. Built during 1925.  Architect:unknown.

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Savoy Homan : The Best of Art Deco (1)


Countless stories behind the greatest art deco landmark in Bandung, Savoy Homan Hotel. Built by AF Albers in 1930 and become one of his masterpiece. Hosted many dignitaries such Gamal Abdel Nasr during Asian African Conference in 1955. Sir Charlie Chaplin among Hollywood movie stars who had stayed here three times.  Located on jalan Asia Afrika Bandung in the center of the city. Continue reading ‘Savoy Homan : The Best of Art Deco (1)’

Gedung Merdeka a.k.a Societeit Concordia


Asia Africa Conference in 1955 was held in this building which located in the same street name to honor the event.

Rebuilt in 1921  by C. P Wolff Schoemaker for “de bevordering van gezellig verkeer”. As a meeting place, at first they used to gather having some tea in the Warung De Vries.. (Museum of the Asian African Conference).

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Formerly Dutch Insurance Company : Jiwasraya


Built in 1859 for  Nederlanche Indische Levens Verzekiring En Lijfren Maatcaappij (NILLNY) a Ducth insurance company. Located at Jalan Asia Afrika 53 Bandung.

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Abandon Building : Swarha



Swarha on Jalan Asia Afrika Bandung. Architect CPW Schoemaker built the building during the period of 1930-1935. Formerly hotel and stores, but abandon since 60’s.

Commercial bank : what a shocking color …



Nederlandsch Indische Escompto Mij at Jalan Asia Afrika 51 Bandung. Architect : J Van Gent, built between 1928-19331.

Another art deco building on Jalan Asia Afrika Bandung used by one of local bank. The faded blue paint contradict with the majority of white color in Art Deco building here. Wondering hard the aesthetic taste of the owner (probably the bank) who want the color symbolizes theirs. The government should take precautions when renting this jewel of artchitecture to parties that don’t understand the heritage of this city.

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